New Merch : New Photoshoot : Behind the Scenes

Lots new merchandise in at the store! 
I thought I would do a behind the scenes look into my shoots. 
Since sales have been heavy, in between finding new merchandise and shipping items out,  I have not been getting around to getting things photographed until the evening/ late afternoon. 
That is funny because, to be honest I kind of look like a homeless person all day, until the p.m.
But, I still like to call it " homeless chic", cleaned body, brushed teeth, deodorant, ... Forget brushed hair ( dont they say, " the bigger the better"), huge western shirt, denim, and sandals,... That is me. (!)Until 5 pm, when I finally decide to put my "face" on , put rollers in my hair, and get ready to rock'n'roll... ;-)
I take all of my photos myself. 
Which when I first opened my shop I said "never, no way.. Ughkk.. I dont want my face on this".
Lets go back a bit, when I first started doing anything with Idlized, I was very vintage focused , 50s, 60s, 70s . I mainly used a mannequin to show off merch.  But, I finally realized, this isn't me, I don't wear retro/pinup... Don't get me wrong, I love me a good wiggle,... 
But, I am so flat the walls are jealous! And I .. just like to be comfy!

So, I realized. I'd be way more interested in selling my .... interest/style. Ripped, hole-y, baggy, rustic, hipster, grungy, comfy... whatever you want to call it. 
And to show it,  I realized I needed my name/ face on it. 
So, I purchased a tripod, remote, ... All for under 20 bucks. 
I got my tripod at a sale. It is probably 1970s/80s... it works! Looks way cooler than all the new plastic ones that weigh like 8 oz. , even though this one is pretty light!
And I bought my remote on Ebay. I bought an the actual "nikon" remote because, it was just a little step up from off brands. But, from what I read , " just do it" - like nike says; don't both saving a couple bucks this time.

TBH, to be honest, I feel kinda silly taking pictures of myself. 
Yogi, you can catch a glimpse of him above... keeps me company and assures me as I take the pics I dont look as silly as feel. 
Don't fret, Yogi doesn't touch the merch, and everything is washed, pressed, and lint rolled before it is sent! 
I have a lot of merchandise in my tiny little space, I TRY to keep it looking cute! It is hard, trunks, crates, and vintages suitcases have been my "go-to ".
All of this or that in one or another , all of this or than in another.

So Fall-ish ( I am from az and it doesnt feel like fall ) ...

Prints, Leather and Lace .....
The obvious, "once you go black you never go back....". Push the limit! 
Platforms, Chunky, Denim, Overalls, Leather....
Doctor!Doctor! Can't I have a good time.... and be healthy, ... fashion healthy?
You're ready... I am(?)... 90s central..... Chunky (again), OVERALLS(!), tiedye.... how bout flares? capris? When is that due?


be excited for true idlized fall! 
coming soon! 
All  posted available on etsy // search SHOP idlized