Measurements + Sizing

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Comparing your measurements to flat or round measurements provided. If the shop provides flat measurements, take those measurements multiply (x) by 2 ( you only need to multiply round measurements not point to point), and compare to your measurements.

Example, you are looking to purchase a t-shirt. 
The flat measurements are shoulder 16 in(x2=32in), bust 18 in ( x2 =36in), width 17 ( x2= 34 in), length 29 in. Your measurements are shoulder 31 in, bust 34 in, and waist 28 in. 
You know the shirt will fit but a little "slouchy" with some room, not fitted. 

Also, if you do not have a flexible sewing measuring tape, you can use string and measure 
with a ruler, stand measuring tape, etc. 

Take the end of the string wrap it around area you are measuring, meet the end with point on string where they meet up, hold there, then take point to ruler to measure.

#online #shopping #flat #measurements #size #sizing #guide #clothing #guide #chart #measure
Another way to check measurements is to compare the measurements of an article of clothing you own that fits you well to the measurements provided. 
For this method you do not need a sewing measuring tape. 
You can use a ruler, standard measuring tape, yardstick, etc. 
Measure the article of clothing flat, from point to point for flat measurements, and compare. 
If the item you are looking at provides round measurements just multiply your flat measurements by 2. 

Remember to keep in mind the material of the garment as well. For instance if it is stretchy, etc! 

Hope that helps & Happy Shopping! 
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Its that time of year when I am cooped up inside, because of the ridiculous Arizona heat. Most others around the world look forward to outdoors summers. Where as I locked up inside in the coolness (A/C!). So, today I had a pinterest obsession. Thinking about diy dorm decor for my cousin. So, I thought I'd share.


Tucson All Souls Procession 2014

The All Souls Procession is perhaps one of the most important, inclusive and authentic public ceremonies in North America today. The Procession had its beginnings in 1990 with a ritualistic performance piece created by local artist Susan Johnson, who was grieving the passing of her father. Inspired by Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos holiday, Johnson felt she should honor her father in celebration and creativity. The performance was very well received and many artists were inspired to continue growing the Procession into its modern incarnation. ( taken from All Souls Procession ) 

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#allsoulsprocession #tucson #dayofthedead #skull #makeup #diadelosmuetros #mask #diy


Halloween is right around the corner

I am known for coming up with costume ideas, then putting them off, then the next thing I know- it is halloween. And, it is too late to come up with the things I need to make my costume come together. But, this year, I have it all planned out... I need to keep mine a surprise. But, I thought I'd share some other ideas.

Going with a group of girls? Heathers is perfect, easy, and cute! I have never been one to dress up as ____________and turn it into sexy______________. You could very easily do that with this idea, if that is your thing.

What you would need :
• 4 girls
• Hot Rollers
• Comb and lots of hair spray
• skirts
• blazers or cardigans
• white blouses
• stockings
• brooches
Super Easy!!!!

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Another girl group idea for 4 or 5 girls would be Virgin Suicides

What you would need:
• White / White Floral Prairie Dresses
• Floral Crown
 Fill each floral crown with flowers and items related to each girls death
∆ pill bottles + fake pills
∆ toy Car + old Car Key + hose
∆ dollhouse miniature ovens etc.
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Tim Allen ; Home Improvement 
Another easy one, single costume. No shopping required. 
Slick back your locks into a poofy pony tail....open your toolbox, and closet. 
Judie Funny 


My Workspace : Idlized on Etsy

Idlized (my shop on etsy)  is my place work, which is based out of my home. Most people probably think, "Ah, you work from home, must be the life!".

It is a lot more challenging than one may think, especially when you live in a small little Spanish Bungalow... Not too mention all of the other difficulties- like running a business on your own including: shipping, packing, managing, maintaining, posting, finding " finds of the day", and so much more. It is a lot of work, but I love it. The biggest struggle for me is the number of items/merchandise and my lack of space.

I love the idea of a minimal, clean, simple living space and/or workspace. I have combined the two...
and with the space I have... it feels nearly impossible to achieve my desire. SO, I have gotten very creative with storage.

Things that I have found to be attractive, but great for storage and display :
• old trunks , luggage 
• crate ( wire + wood )
• old traveler cases
• prayer stand (?!?!)
• ladder
• jars and pitchers ( I am obsessed with typography glassware) 
• and few odds and ends that aren't necessary but make it feel a little more... shop-y , special, fun. 

I've just been playful with what I have found. For instance, the kneeling/prayer stand, I found this piece and LOVED IT. I knew I didnt have room, but I thought " I am going to make it work "...
and now it gives me a little more storage / space.

It is important to implement pieces and items you love in your workspace. Because if you love your work... you need to love the space you work in as well. 

It is a struggle, not sure if I mentioned but my room is approximately 99 sq feet, I need to cram a whole lot of goodness into my under 100 sq foot room - jam packed with greatness.... 

* please note im not perfect, if only there were more hours in the day* 

Those are also my clothes on the rack..." my closet ".... or my favorites. My husband uses our master closet and I used to use our spare room closet but that is now used for merchandise/ storage.

There we have it, my little room. Mixing the things I love with a few odds and ends from amazon (which is amazing for storage solutions). Here is an summary of what I got to make it happen:

• Rolling Laundry Butler ( has been a life saver- I fill it with my outgoing shipments, and storage boxes, envelopes, cards, etc on the bottom shelf)  heavy grade clothing rack ( amazon), Jiffy Steamer (amazon)

• Crates & Luggage ( images from SSO - I recommend looking on etsy) 

• Typography Jars - easily be found on etsy ( here, here, here)

•Wooden Shoe Molds (etsy) , Mannequin ( sso, here)

•Cake Stand ( Pier 1), Tin Baking Molds ( etsy), rustic clothing pins (etsy)

•Lighting - industrial, metal, etc (etsy)


Sherbet Spring : Fashion Color Trends

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