Back to School

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. 
I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. " 
- Joe from You've Got Mail

 I love the idea of "back to school" - fresh start, goals to stay organized, getting organized, etc.
This fall I wont be going back to school, which is sad, ...
because I want new school supplies, fresh starts, and goals...
So.. starting to prep for my own back to school...

Organizing my desk // setting up a desk //
Playing with industrial deskware...

Industrial Chic :: Vintage Metal Lockers, mason jars, vintage office supplies ( stapler, tape, rulers )
Okay, vintage office supplies, you'd be silly to go to staples and
buy a plastic stapler for $9.00 ( made of plastic, cheap, ugly, .. ),
when for a few dollars more you can buy a vintage metal stapler, that has lasted 40+ years
and will last 40+ more AND it looks better.

I love this look mix and match!
+ metal tins +vintage supplies +antique decanters as book stands
and you have got an awesome looking desk!

Industrial with a little bit of retro kitsch. I love these vintage food jars, with the bold typography!
Who says you have to put food leftovers in the leftover jar, I put spare change, keys,
and misc things from my pockets that need to find a home.
Popcorn.. business cards, old gift cards, etc.

If the Industrials greys are a little to stark for your taste, add a pop of color!  I love mix and matching old vintage glasses to organize things. A lot of the time it is hard to find full sets of these glasses...
so lets put the singles to good use!

Time is of the essence.. If the industrial look is a little too masculine, feminize it!
I found these fun antique and vintage gold clocks to mix with the other metals,
I think adding the gold makes it look a little more feminine
but still works with the industrial theme.
Also, the beautiful tin, with its elegant feminine swirls adds a nice touch.
It is a vintage chocolate tin! Yum Yum!  Oh, and vanity table trays,
always a nice feminine tabletop accessory!

Just Cute... Industrial Cute! ... Doesn't seem possible, but this is adorable! Old Tool box for all your crafting needs, art supplies, etc.!
Funky fun pop of yellow, with those awesome retro canisters. A little mixing and matching of all things good :-)

A little, easy easy, DIY!
Dry Erase board // Cost .50c //
Old frame with glass and piece of white paper fitted to frame. I am sure you can figure out the rest!

Coming soon my office!