Twin Atlantic - Yes, I Was Drunk (Official)

So, there was this time in my life. I began loving music, it consumed me.
When I was 15, I moved to England. I guess you could call it an angst-y time.
But, what 15 year old is not angst-y?!?! But, I fell in love with music.
I was foreign, I felt out of place, and was full of emotions. And I always was
listening to music.

But, yeah, I fell in love with music.. a lot it was angry, sad, there was lots of shouting,
and..... yeah it satisfied me. If I hear some of my "top listens" from then
now, they make me happy like they did then...

The list goes on and on of bands I liked back then ( and still do). Lots of poppunk, emo, hardcore. Don't get me wrong I still love music, although I don't seem to have the time I did then to investigate new music. My preference of genres have changed a  b  i t but still love me some good pop punk. The first video , my husband showed me, maybe we're becoming a bit dated on the music scene but I heard this, and it is good. And, I wanted to share, because 1 it is good and 2 it made me reminiscence. Ch-chcheck it.

 I LOVE IT, coming from someone who now loves dance -y happy poppie electro I dont even know what. . . seriously, check it out.

You've heard the new daft punk.... duh! who hasn't? but check this greatness!
(Back to my poppigoodness!)
So good.........