Current Trends : A Mothers Day Post- a little late (?)

Funny Story ... My mom lived in these things.
Those baggy / one size fits most / soft light weight slouch dresses
And it drove me nuts as kiddo, I used to give her such a hard time.
All the other moms in their khakis and button downs &/or workout get up.
Now, I completely understand. These dresses are easy to throw on, comfy and are super cute. Believe it or not, my mom is one of those women with that wo(ah)manly bodies. All the right curves, hippy, booticlious, " an itty bitty waist... ROUND THING in yo face" and then their is me, I don't think I have a curve on my body. 
This cut of dress flatters everybody.. or EVERY body.. haha get!?!I can be lame. 
But, thanks mom for influencing to fall in love with the slouchy mom dress. 

But currently trending... BAGGY baby DOLL oversized SLOUCHY dresses.
+ now served with ripped hem for that awesome grungy hobo chic look we all want
at my shop. 
Okay, maybe its not just a current trend of mine, but an obsession. . . 
All these dresses are available at my shop : idlized 

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