Closet Staples

Everyone needs a blue jean denim jacket.
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It is a classic staple for any closet. Denim jackets, seriously are the ultimate jacket. Perfect for all seasons, go with everything, and can last a life time. Finding one that fits like a glove can pose a challenge. But, once you find it, you wont be able to part.

I have had my denim jacket, for...., hmm,... 7 or 8 years and my life was changed when I found it. Not only is it a jacket in my closet BUT an accessory as well. It gives simple pieces in your closet a little bit of edge.

It makes getting dressed easy. I'll share a little secret of mine with you, the only problem is now you will know when I didn't know what to wear ( which is like everyday!) So, when I am getting dressed..
I will pick a skirt or dress  that I want to wear, lets say a simple lace mini. I will try on about 15 tops with it, and if I dont like any of them. I go to my denim jacket, and this instance does not only happen with my little lace mini. If I can't make an outfit work I put my denim jacket with it. Lace, velvet, floral, plaid, check, skirt, dress, pants, jeans, lbd ( little black dress)...Seriously, everything.

The more holes the better. This is not only my moto for denim jackets but all pieces of clothing. There is nothing better than a previously loved..LOVED piece of clothing. When someone just wore the sh*t out of it ( excuse my french - I felt the best way to describe prior wear ). You know its a great piece if someone else loved it to a near death, but, why does it have to dye, gotta keep on lovin'! I found my jacket and it was a previously loved piece, with small little holes on the elbows, soft and light,

The holes have now gotten larger, it has gotten even softer, and I love it even more!
top left to right 
plaid dress : SOLD