My Workspace : Idlized on Etsy

Idlized (my shop on etsy)  is my place work, which is based out of my home. Most people probably think, "Ah, you work from home, must be the life!".

It is a lot more challenging than one may think, especially when you live in a small little Spanish Bungalow... Not too mention all of the other difficulties- like running a business on your own including: shipping, packing, managing, maintaining, posting, finding " finds of the day", and so much more. It is a lot of work, but I love it. The biggest struggle for me is the number of items/merchandise and my lack of space.

I love the idea of a minimal, clean, simple living space and/or workspace. I have combined the two...
and with the space I have... it feels nearly impossible to achieve my desire. SO, I have gotten very creative with storage.

Things that I have found to be attractive, but great for storage and display :
• old trunks , luggage 
• crate ( wire + wood )
• old traveler cases
• prayer stand (?!?!)
• ladder
• jars and pitchers ( I am obsessed with typography glassware) 
• and few odds and ends that aren't necessary but make it feel a little more... shop-y , special, fun. 

I've just been playful with what I have found. For instance, the kneeling/prayer stand, I found this piece and LOVED IT. I knew I didnt have room, but I thought " I am going to make it work "...
and now it gives me a little more storage / space.

It is important to implement pieces and items you love in your workspace. Because if you love your work... you need to love the space you work in as well. 

It is a struggle, not sure if I mentioned but my room is approximately 99 sq feet, I need to cram a whole lot of goodness into my under 100 sq foot room - jam packed with greatness.... 

* please note im not perfect, if only there were more hours in the day* 

Those are also my clothes on the rack..." my closet ".... or my favorites. My husband uses our master closet and I used to use our spare room closet but that is now used for merchandise/ storage.

There we have it, my little room. Mixing the things I love with a few odds and ends from amazon (which is amazing for storage solutions). Here is an summary of what I got to make it happen:

• Rolling Laundry Butler ( has been a life saver- I fill it with my outgoing shipments, and storage boxes, envelopes, cards, etc on the bottom shelf)  heavy grade clothing rack ( amazon), Jiffy Steamer (amazon)

• Crates & Luggage ( images from SSO - I recommend looking on etsy) 

• Typography Jars - easily be found on etsy ( here, here, here)

•Wooden Shoe Molds (etsy) , Mannequin ( sso, here)

•Cake Stand ( Pier 1), Tin Baking Molds ( etsy), rustic clothing pins (etsy)

•Lighting - industrial, metal, etc (etsy)