Selling online...How I handle shipping purchases

 Preparing sales for shipping-where to begin, I usually try to have the item wrapped and ready for shipping the day of sale, print postage 1 -2 days, mail by day 2 or 3.
Prepping the item. I store all items I have forsale folded and bagged in a cabinet. Sometimes I will need to iron, lint roll, etc. After that, I begin wrapping. I always take photos before sending just incase the item get damaged or something happens to it once it leaves my hands. I also, try to wrap the item to prevent any damage from happening. For instance, below, I used bubble wrap to send a handbag.
Second, making it look presentable.
I have tons of 18x24 sketchpads full of drawings from art classes.
I thought using sheets from those would be a great way to put them to use, recycle, and be fun for the recipient

Making it a little more personal.
I always include a business card / promo card or two. On the back, I try to include a handwritten note
thanking the buyer and reminding them to check back for new items.
In the past when I have bought items online, the seller will include an invoice with a handwritten "thanks!" at the bottom. I think writing a little note is much nicer. Sometimes, I will include something about the item, such as, " The jacket is such a great staple piece. I hope you love it and wear it often."
One of the reasons, I love vintage clothes, and selling vintage clothes. Is they are pieces of clothing that have been previously loved. I love finding a grungy old t-shirt or jeans that I know was loved before. I do not look for "mint" "brand new". I look for loved, because there is something about continuing on that love or a piece of fashion.

Trying to together. I usually use raffia, hemp or straw. I love wrapping that looks and feels organic.

Packing it for the post. I almost always use USPS Priority. It is quick, reliable, and affordable but the required boxes, and envelopes are so blah. So, a quick easy dress-me-up I do is, I use double sided tape, old magazines, a blade and ruler to make my own funky tape.

I find an interesting image, adhere one side of the tape to the backside of image. Use the straight edge and blade to cut the piece of tape out. Then use that tape to attach the postage label and seal the package shut!

Maybe not necessary, but I think it makes it a little more fun!
Do you sell online? If so, do you have any tips for me!!? How do you prep you orders!