Stone Stitched Cell Phone Case

I found these really organic multicolored rocks at school, and I wanted to come up with some sort of accessory that I could make with them. My first thought was jewelry but, I wanted something that
I had more of a use for. I have been really bored with current wallet/cellphone holder... Perfect! Mixing the popular wire wrapped jewelry technique for a cellphone sleeve. 

1  "polished" the rock with clear nail polish. (I like using clear nail polish for things like this opposed to polyurethane, or spray paint because with one layer you get a think shiny clear coat without have to apply multiple layers and control dripping.)
2 Cut scrap leather pieces following the diagram below. 
3 Sewed along sides + bottom 
4 Marked the center on the flap, a little smaller than the rock size. 

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5 Shape wire into a  l o n g  s k i n n y oval and twist tie at the end. Cut a small thin piece of leather + tied around the wire knot- to prevent scratching inside. +, make sure knot is big enough to not fit thru slit in step 6!  
6 Cut a much smaller slit than before to push the wire thru
7 Stretch out l o n g  s k i n n y wire oval  and place rock in between the two wire sides. 
Wrap the wire  around the rock, securely fastening it! 
8 Slip Rock thru slit made in step 4.. Tada!

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