Lets play dress up...

First week into the married life, and we are both swamped with projects and
 I have been feeling under the weather. 
But, I am still trying to do the wife-y things... ie make dinner!
So, here is an easy dressed up Mac'n'cheese Recipe:
I got some jalapeno potato chips and crushed them up!

As I boiled the mac'n'cheese, I  diced some white onion and opened a can of green chili peppers.
Made the mac'n'cheese and stirred in the green chilis, and onions. 
Transfered the mac'n'cheese into a baking tin.

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Added the crushed potato chips and added some grated extra sharp cheddar cheese on top. 
Served with Jalapeno Butter Toast! 
Easy as 1,2,3!