Products I Love at Trader Joe's

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1   Small Potatoes. Their bag of small potatoes are in the produce section. Here in Tucson they are  a $1.99! I've noticed at other grocery stores these little tots are 3.99 +. So, great value! They are delicious to roast with some olive oil and garlic/lemon pepper, oil, and parmesan.

2 Soy Chorizo.  Also, a $1.99 which is comparable if other stores are having a special but usually I see $2.99-$3.99. A lower fat alternative to regular chorizo and in my honest opinion just as tasty! Plus, soy chorizo is so versatile! You can use them for a soy chorizo scramble, breakfast burro, spicy pizza, tortas, tacos, stuffed peppers. The options are endless!

3 Pumpernickel Pretzels.  Enough said. TJ's Pumpernickel Pretzels are a tasty snack and perfect for dipping in a spicy mustard, cream cheese, cheese dip! At a $1.59 I don't know how you can turn them down!

4 Eggplant Cutlets. A pound of Eggplant cutlets at $2.99!!!! Is a steal. 1 Eggplant is usually $1.99! And these cook well, are breaded and ready to throw in the oven! Pair these with #7 and some parmesan- EASY DELICIOUS Eggplant Parmesan!

5 Whole Wheat Pizza Dough. A $1.99 ( pizza dough), some sauce, some cheese, some toppings, and you can have an awesome Build your own pizza party!

6  Chicken Recipe Jerky Strips.  Okay, not a favorite of mine but the pups love 'em for $2.99 these  are a very reasonably and tasty dog treat.

7 Marinara Sauce. Words cannot describe how much I adore this sauce. It makes every dish delicioso! @ $1.99 you are getting way more than any jar can give you, as far as, quality and quantity! AND it low fat! Seriously if you have not tried this sauce you need too.

8  Salsa Verde. For $1.99 you get a good sized jar of salsa verde & it is tasty!

More next time... Already looking forward to my next TJ trip!