I am engaged.
Everyone's question: When , Where, What?
I have not been the the girl planning my wedding since I was little...
But, I do know that I want it to be special.
I came up with a idea about a year ago or so...

My thing is, I know a wedding only happens once... or that is intended.... should be the case.
Creating something special usually means a pretty penny needs to be put down...
I give huge kudos to the couples on the diy dime!
Because the average price I see for a wedding seems take away from what a wedding is a supposed to be.
It is about.... a moment, collaboration, celebrating love between two and the love between all. Families and friends joining as one.

I think for that to really happen I need to create that space- not find one that is fitting.
A blank canvas for me to make my own. First the backdrop- a space my fiance and I both find intriguing and one that I know is spectacular to both our families is the desert.

Love "Dessert in the Desert" & Movie/Image Projection 

Comfy furniture brought outside...

vintage elegance 

Simple clean but kitsch.