Makeshift DIY puppy pack/dog backpack! 
Puppy packs are GREAT for dogs. Especially overly energetic, herding breeds, working breeds. 
It gives a normal walk a purpose, gives the dog a job or goal. It is not abusive, or a mean. Great for training dogs how to walk.
 A lot of dogs love them! At first start with just the pack with a couple treats. 
Reward them for their hard work.
Once they are used to it and know what its intention is, add more weight. Remember, no more then 25-30% of their weight. Here in Arizona, especially this time of year, it is hot. I put to ice bags on either side to keep the dog cool! Another great thing about the pack is it makes the walk a little more difficult. So, if you are walking your dog for two 30 minute walks and he/she is still full of energy not getting the exercise he/or she needs, this is a great way to accomplish that!