RGB grey nail polish, Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl Season 5, So Delicious, Kale Asparagus Salad
Wildfox Couture Sweatshirt, Thermals, Ugg Slippers ( I do not care theyre delightful  for my feet), Teavana, Anew Peel, AA leg warmers, Moleskin sketchbook, Faber Castell Pen
Now that the new season of Gossip girl has begun. My favorite night of the week returns.
My girl-y night. Growing up- I was always the one playing soccer, catching grasshoppers, and playing cowboy and indians. But, I always had this inner desire to be that girly girl at school. I’ve never been organized enough to paint my nails every week, do a face mask, or even shave my legs every couple days. Gossip Girl gives me that each week. It is so cheesy, ridiculously dramatic, yet so wonderful. Best of all, it brings out the girly side of me. And I go all out – with a healthy dinner, comfy PJs, nail polish, face mask, crafts, and a treat. It’s my night!
Anyhow, thought I’d share my monday night.
Apologies for the mess up on the recipe.
Happy Tuesday!