I checked out the new bar last night that opened Thursday on Congress; Playground.
Playground opened by Kade Mislinski who also owns The hub- has done a wonderful job.
The atmosphere is fun!
Lots of intimate private areas and creative fun visuals.
My favorite the hanging swingings above the bar!
I had “The Sling” which was tasty ( I am craving one just thinking about it).
One thing that did bother me on the menu was there was not a large price
range between the drinks on the menu. I believe they had 8 dollar drinks and 9 dollar
drinks- which is  expected with fancy fun choices but it seems like most places have a
page with six dollar & eight dollar, seven & ten… you get my drift!  Some drinks have way
more alcohol, better quality & quantity not worth eight bucks. Just my opinion. 
OH, and the guys in the front with the suits- really ought to go. If they had been at my Playground. I would have been hiding for all of recess. Maybe something nice but comfortable…. not creepy CIA.
Anyhow, Playground is fun. Something very different from the usual downtown Tucson.
Check it out!